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Cleaning Methods & Tips

Here are a few helpful carpet and upholstery cleaning methods and tips for you to try. We specialize in cleaning carpet and furniture fabrics if these methods do not provide the results you hope for.

NOTE: Depending on type and age of carpet or fabric, putting anything on it to clean up a spill could discolour it. This is often true when the whole carpet or furniture piece needs to be cleaned and not just one spot.

White towels for blotting stainsTIP 1: Only use a white towel, or old clean and well washed towel to blot spills. It has to be absorbent to work properly. Be aware that many fabrics people cut into rags will not work because they are made of fabrics designed to repel staining which is not going to help pick up the stain in your carpet or upholstery.

TIP 2: Blotting up a spill is almost always your best method. Avoid rubbing which can force stains into the fabric making it harder to clean.

General Spills

  • If you have to clean up a spill, use a towel and place it over the spill.
  • Step on the towel to blot the spill. Do NOT rub it. Absorbing the stain gently will protect the fibers.
  • Keep repeating this until dry.
  • Then mix white vinegar 50/50 with cool water, enough to rinse the area a few times. The vinegar may help to prevent the spill from setting into the fabric and becoming a stain.
  • Between rinses use more towelling.


  • Use some lemon juice you can buy in most grocery stores which has a high acidic level
  • Drip some lemon juice on the rust spot but do not oversaturate
  • Use your finger to gently massage the lemon juice into the rust spot
  • Let this sit for 5 minutes
  • Return with a white towel and blot the towel on the rust spot
  • Repeat if necessary.

Pet Stains

Acting quickly to treat urine messes can save your carpet from staining.

  • Place a white towel on spot to soak up the area and stand on it. Do not rub hard!
  • Repeat a few times to absorb as much as possible
  • Mix white vinegar 50/50 with cool water, enough to rinse the area a few times
  • Between rinses use more toweling
  • The vinegar mixture rinses your carpet and reduces the risk of discolouration


Key to this cleanup is unlike the others, let it dry completely. Remove excessive mud with your hand and vacuum the rest thoroughly. If there is a stain from the mud, use a white vinegar and cool water mixed 50/50 to dampen it and lightly rub with a white towel. Dry with another corner of the towel. Repeat this a few times as needed assuring that you are soaking up most of the moisture you are using.


  • Blot with a clean white towel removing as much liquid as possible
  • Use white vinegar and cool water mixed 50/50, dampen one end of a white cloth with the mix and lightly rub the area, then wipe with the dry end of the cloth.
  • Repeat this a few times as needed assuring that you are soaking up most of the moisture you are using

Grease Spot

  • Apply Dry Cleaning Solution to a clean white towel and blot on the stain
  • Keep turning the cloth as the grease is absorbed and blot until stain is gone

Ink Spot

Using alcohol or white nail polish remover, pretest for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area. Apply on a clean white towel . Blot the area while turning cloth until spot is gone.


Once wax has melted into the carpet fibers we have to soften the wax again and transfer it to a more porous material such as a brown paper bag (unwaxed paper). Place the paper bag over the spot and heat with an iron. Do not let the iron get too hot, only warm enough to melt the wax. Start on the lower heat settings and increase the settings until wax transfers to the paper. Once the wax begins soaking up into the paper, continue until all the wax is removed from the carpet. Use a different paper bag if needed until wax is removed. Rinse with Professional Spot Lifter.

Nail Polish / Lipstick

Pretest for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area. Apply white fingernail polish remover on a clean white towel and blot area. As transfer occurs, turn cloth. When spot is gone, rinse area with Professional Spot Lifter.

Coffee/ Tea / Wine/ Cocktails

Using a clean white towel , blot up as much of the spill as possible. Rinse area with white vinegar and cool water mixed 50/50. Blot with a clean white towel or place the cloth on the wet area and stand on the cloth, removing as much as possible. Repeat as needed assuring you absorb as much of the moisture as possible.


Vacuuming regularly keeps your home looking fresh and clean, and it also combats wear. Generally people vacuum the carpets because they see that it is needed, but it's what we can't see that could be harming your carpets fibers. When soil falls deep down into the carpet fibers and sits there, it cuts the fibers each and every time you walk on it. Your health is also a major reason for regular vacuuming, the more dust and bacterial matter that you remove, the less the chance it can cause you a health problems.