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When will you arrive to clean my carpets?

Before arriving to clean your house, we will call you the morning of your appointment at approximately 7:30 am to let you know the approximate time of our arrival.
Our office opens at 8 am to receive your calls from 8 am until 8 pm from Monday through Saturday.

How should I prepare for your carpet cleaning?

We ask you to remove your small breakable items from the area's that are being cleaned, so that we can move as much of the other furniture as possible. It is also helpful if the carpets are vacuumed prior to the cleaning but that is not a requirement.

Do you move the furniture ?

We will move most furniture, but some items are in permanent locations and too awkward to move, like hutches, piano’s, and beds.


How long will it take clean my carpets?

The cleaning time depends on two factors

  • The amount of work you need done
  • The condition of your carpets and/or furniture

What chemicals do you use when cleaning ?

There are four main products we use for cleaning.

Dry Foam Shampoo
We have been using Dry Foam Shampoo for 30 years now and have cleaned over hundreds of thousands of carpets. It leaves no sticky residues to irritate the skin and is safe for kids and pets. Please read our MSDS (material safety and data sheet) for dry foam shampoo.

Carpet pre-treatment
We use this to treat stained spots and heavily soiled areas before we begin the cleaning process. Customers are often surprised and thrilled with the results especially if they have tried all other remedies without success. Of course, not all stains are removable, but we have experience with the worst of them and will do our best. Please read our MSDS (material safety and data sheet) for pre-treatment.

This is an optional product we recommend to make your house smell clean and fresh with a meadow fresh scent. Our carpet and furniture deodorizer is added into the cleaning solution so that everywhere we scrub, we are deodorizing deep into the fabric. Please read our MSDS (material safety and data sheet) for Meadow Fresh

Stain Shield
This is an optional product we highly recommend. Stain Shield carpet protector is a spray-on stain guard for your carpets and upholstery. It protects fabric from regular daily use and accidental spills keeping your carpets and furniture looking newer, longer. Just ask your cleaners to apply the Stain Shield once the job is complete. Please read our MSDS (material safety and data sheet) for Stain Shield

Why is it a good idea to have StainShield® applied after the cleaning?

New carpets and furniture already have a protective coating, which helps to keep soil from permanently bonding to material. Over time this wears off. Using StainShield after we clean your carpets and upholstery helps future cleaning by preventing soil from adhering to fabric so easily.



How long does it take to dry?

Our Dry Foam Shampoo cleaning method uses much less water than steam cleaning but it still requires several hours to dry. Some factors will extend drying time.

  • Carpets as well as upholstery are made from many different types of fibers. Some dry slower than others
  • If your carpet is heavily soiled, we will likely pass over it a few extra times which may increase the amount of moisture in the carpet which takes longer to dry
  • High humidity levels in the house before we even start working plays a major factor in drying time

How we speed up drying times?

  • Turn on your furnace or A/C if not already running, after we leave
  • Open windows if humidity levels outside are lower than inside
  • Turn on dehumidifier if you have one
  • Turn on fans, ceiling or free standing, if you have them to move the air around

What do I do once the cleaning is complete?

  • Use caution walking from any carpet still not dry to a smooth surface floor as it may be slippery
  • Once your carpet is totally dry, you may remove the white plastic squares if we needed to have them placed under you furniture legs for protection.
  • Give your carpets a quick vacuuming at least 24 hours after your carpets or furniture are dry to pick up any particles that landed on the carpet while it was still damp



How often should I have my carpets or furniture cleaned?

On an average you should have your carpets or furniture cleaned every year depending on use. When your carpets look soiled and your vacuum isn’t helping any more, it is time to get them professionally cleaned. If cleaning is delayed, you risk damaging the material. Leaving sand and dirt in your carpets acts like sandpaper and cuts the fibers whenever you walk on top of it. If damage becomes more noticeable, have your carpets cleaned as soon as possible.



Why are area rugs priced differently?

Area rugs are made from many different types of material and are therefore much more delicate to work on. This means that some of the rugs have to be scrubbed by hand, such as the fringes and delicate areas. We clean your area rugs in the comfort of your home, and at a better price than most of our competitors.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa , MasterCard, cheque or cash for any carpet or upholstery service.

Protection & Safety

Are you insured ?

Yes. Insurance is a necessity for anyone doing work in your home, as well as WSIB certified. So call us today and relax.

How safe is dry foam for children and pets ?

We have over 30 years experience with the chemicals we use and have experienced no problems because the Dry Foam Shampoo method involves scrubbing and not just spray and rinse so the chemicals we use don't have to be as harsh. Our basic cleaning solution is very similar to laundry detergent but if you want to read our MSDS sheets, please refer to above list of chemicals.