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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Dry Foam for Carpet Cleaning

dry foam carpet cleaning

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Dry Foam for Carpet Cleaning

For a time, renting portable steam cleaners for DIY carpet cleaning was all the rage. But there is a reason why that trend has long since lost its luster for homeowners.

For starters, steam cleaning just doesn't get the deep dirt out. Even when handled by a pro, a steam cleaner rarely has the power to penetrate through to the deepest layers inside your carpet fibers to exhume dust mites, pet dander, pollen, dirt, and other unwelcome guests.

Mostly, what you get with steam cleaning is a very wet that takes a long time to dry and very quickly needs cleaning all over again.

In this post, learn 5 key reasons why we believe so strongly in dry foam carpet cleaning, which is the only type of carpet cleaning we offer!

Reason 1: Dry foam does it all, from spot to surface to deep fiber cleaning.

No matter how careful and meticulous you are, over time most carpeting will attract a stain or two. One oops with a wine glass or juice box and — well, you can almost hear the extra spot cleaning charges ringing themselves up.

But with dry foam cleaning, the "foam" part, which is the special shampoo that we use, acts like its own army of tiny sponges to suck up stains, dirt, grime, and detritus.

So in nearly every case, what this means is that you don't have to pay extra to have your carpet pre-treated to ensure the stains come out. Your personal foam army will bond with each particle of dirt or detritus in your carpet, securing it in place for removal with our powerful turbo-vac extractor.

Reason 2: The dry foam shampoo we use is safe for both humans and pets.

Our family has been cleaning carpets right here in the Hamilton, Ontario, area for more than 30 years. Like you, we are parents. We love our kids and our pets.

For this reason, we would never use any carpet shampoo or product that is toxic to your family or your animal companions. To prove it, we use the same water-based dry foam shampoo method in our own homes on our own carpets.

Unlike many professional carpet cleaning services, where the customer is asked to leave the home while the treatment is applied due to the toxic nature of the cleaning chemicals and resultant fumes, you, your kids, and your pets can stay at home in total safety while we clean your carpets (although we do ask you to try to limit foot traffic in the cleaned areas for a few hours until they are completely dry).

Even more importantly, you won't have to air out your home from residual fumes left over after your carpets are cleaned. Once we leave, the only way you will even know we were ever there is by how clean and bright your carpeting looks!

Reason 3: Dry time is just a few hours, versus a full 24 hours for steam cleaning.

The first thing our customers often notice about our dry foam carpet cleaning method is that we spend a longer amount of time cleaning each carpeted area than what they are used to with steam cleaning services.

The reason for this is simple: our dry foam shampoo and turbo-vac extractor system actually gets down into the deepest core areas of your carpet and pulls out every speck of detritus trapped inside.

But along with this, the turbo-vac also sucks out the moisture and dry foam along with the dirt and dust, leaving your carpets both squeaky clean and nearly dry at the end of our work.

This means that, at most, you may need to wait three or four hours before walking on the carpeted areas safely. Contrast this with steam cleaning, which drenches your carpets with water "steam" and often takes as long as a full 24 hours to dry.

Reason 4: We can save you time as well as cash on carpet cleaning.

Many of our carpet cleaning clients have prior experience with renting portable steam cleaning units for DIY carpet cleaning. We have heard a lot of stories that sound funny now but sure were awful experiences while they were happening!

The truth is, by the time you are done renting the machine itself, purchasing the stain treatment and carpet cleaning solution, reading the instructions and figuring out how everything works, making your way through each carpeted area in your home with the steam cleaner in tow, and transporting the machine to and from the store, you have expended nearly as much in time and cash as it would have cost to hire a pro to come in and do the job for you.

Plus, if we do it, you won't be completely worn out from having done the manual labor of cleaning your own carpets!

Reason 5: Right now, get your carpets dry foam cleaned for just $119.95!

For a limited time, we are offering a wonderful Winter Special to dry foam clean your carpets for just $119.95.

This Winter Special includes all of the following:

  • 4 rooms (200 sq. ft. per room)

  • 1 hallway

  • 13 stairs

This special price won't last long, so give us a call now to reserve your space!

P.S. If you have area rugs that also need cleaning or a commercial space that needs professional carpet cleaning, we would be happy to prepare a detailed custom quote for your space.

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